01. In the most [lucrative] bank robbery in history, the British Bank of the Middle East was robbed of an estimated $50 million in 1976.
02. He left a very [lucrative] position in a large computer firm to open his own business.
03. The university has won a [lucrative] contract to do government research on common cancer treatments.
04. There is a [lucrative] market for our goods in Europe.
05. Real estate is an extremely [lucrative] business in this town, with prices steadily increasing year after year.
06. Lotteries have proven to be very [lucrative] for government, providing millions of dollars in tax revenues.
07. Many Buddhist temples in Japan are run like corporations and invest in [lucrative] businesses such as running apartment buildings and golf courses.
08. Many famous athletes sign [lucrative] contracts to advertise various commercial products.
09. He made some very [lucrative] investments a few years ago, and has been able to take an early retirement as a result.
10. Growing marijuana is an extremely [lucrative] business in this part of the country.
11. The merger is expected to be quite [lucrative] for stock holders in both companies.
12. It is difficult to get the villagers to stop growing poppies for heroin, when it is such a [lucrative] trade for them.
13. Tennis star Martina Navratilova lost some [lucrative] endorsement contracts when she announced that she is a lesbian.
14. Ralph Waldo Emerson once noted that the trail of the serpent reaches into all the [lucrative] professions and practices of man.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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